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Need Song Ideas?

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Frequently Asked Questions... Chicago & Surrounding Suburbs DJ & Photographer answers all of your questions about booking a DJ or Photographer for your Wedding or Event.

What's with the "formal" thing?

Many of times i will be DJing at a bar or such and people will approach me asking "Hey, Do you do weddings too?' and of course i will say "Yes!".  But i came up with the concept of eliminating the guess work for people and just cutting right to the point, which is how i like to operate. I will always be dressed for the occasion unless told otherwise.

How long have you been DJing for?

I have been djing since the age of 16.  When i was in high school i noticed i had a flair for the music industry when i would attend church i quickly became friends with the sound guy that did all of the recordings for church service and ran and setup all of the microphones for any of the events that took place there.  This of course evolved to me eventually running all of the sound and taking over the job as sound technician.  Fast forward a few months and i called up a local disc jockey service here in Elmhurst Illinois called "night moves mobile dj".  The gentleman who ran this company was named Tom Reid and he used to have an office on York road next to Gentlemans Quarterly.  He would pay me $35 a night to assist him and help with requests and setup for weddings.  It was here that i gained vast knowledge of working and reading a crowd and guiding it through the night. I was hooked!

I need song ideas for my Wedding or Event! Where can i go?

​There are many wonderful resources available for you in this day in age.  One i recommend is the following, which can be found at wedding wire

They do update it but its not always totally up to date.  Another resource for me is obviously any of the local radio stations in the chicago area be it US99, B96, Kiss FM or maybe even WXRT. Or maybe you prefer to use Pandora to get inspiration.

Check out the images on the right for a direct link to all of the up to the hour popular songs.  I am constantly updating my catalog and almost always have a WIFI connection with me so i can take song requests on the fly which is so convenient.

Link to any of these free resources and i'm sure the inspiration will start flowing!

Why should i choose you as my DJ or Photographer?

I am passionate about doing the best job i can for you to make sure you and everyone has an enjoyable time.  Now everybody knows that you cant please everyone, trust me, i know, i served 2 long years on my condo board lol.

I love working with business professionals and realistic people.  i will do whatever i can within my power to accommodate  your needs and requirements.  Also, I'm very reasonably priced in this market and come highly recommended.

Do i get charged for Setup time and how long does it take you to setup?

No, you do not get charged for setup time.  You are only charged for the actual "run time" of your event.  A good rule of thumb in this industry is around $100 an hour at least for DJ or Photographic services.  Now this can vary depending upon how experienced that vendor may be and also on how big his or her "Brand Value" is.

It generally takes me around 45 mins to an hour to completely setup if i am setting up lights as well and if i am working alone.  If i am setting up a video montage it can take a little longer.  Also another factor to keep in mind is i have to navigate around different buildings and venues and introduce myself.  This can take some time depending on what egos and rules or guidelines i may encounter.  Every venue is different and some dont allow certain things so this is something to keep in mind with your planning as well as mine.

Do you do photo albums or printing?

No, i do not.  In this digital age paper products are starting to become obsolete.  Almost every restaurant , banquet hall or business now has a led TV display available so they can change plans at almost no cost except for design. Casinos slots now have little 3 inch tv screens, you've probably been to the new Rivers Casino in Rosemont IL. 

My motto is Fast Fast Fast! you will have your professional digital files within a week and depending on the nature of the event, maybe even that night! That's what people want nowadays, convenience.

There are a number of places online to go for printing and even canvas prints.  Here is a link to 2 of them i am familar with.

or how about walgreens? its right in your neighborhood and so easy! They even have same day pick up.

What if i book you as my DJ or Photographer and you get sick that day?

Great question, I have a close network of alternate DJ's and Photographers which of whom i work with and trust.  I would allocate a substitute for your scheduled day and give them a verbal and written tutorial of what needs to transpire and what the general expectaions where for that event.

No one plans on getting sick or hurt but hey, we're human and these kind of things happen and we have to learn to deal with them as they arrise.

What is" Uplighting"?

First of all, uplighting is not a new concept. It has been around for many of years and been used to enhance a building or interiors visual appear and accent structure highlights, think "water tower place" in chicago.  When you drive by this place at night and see the lighting it really draws your attention and looks magical.  This has become a popular trend in the dj world as it really does add that tailored look to your event or wedding. Well that's what up lighting does, when the lights go out, the mood is set and it can really make a huge visual impact on what may be just a bland looking room and boom! Add up lighting and it magically transforms to looking like Disney world!

I am having my wedding ceremony in the same location as my reception and i need music played for both...Is there an extra charge for that?

By choosing the "Basic Wedding Package" on the "Packages" page above in the details below it you will see that if i am in the same location for your reception, meaning exact SAME 
ROOM where i wouldn't have to physically RESET my DJ setup then there is no extra cost to you.  

Now if your ceremony is in another room at the same location and i would have to accomplish 2 SETUPS then yes, there will be an extra charge.  

I would like to have a little musical ambiance in another room where we are having our COCKTAIL HOUR, can you do that? 

I can easily add this on for you for an easy $100 extra.  Do keep in mind that all events, weddings and situations are different and sometimes i will add things on to you as a free bonus for booking with me so don't hesitate to ask.  If you can make things easy for me, i will make things easier for you..walla!

My Pastor/Reverend or Officiant needs a wireless microphone for the ceremony, do you have that?

Yes! i have both a lavalier and headworn wireless microphone available to you upon request, just fill this portion in on the "submission forms" supplied for you on my "forms" page above.

This is included in the packages!

We're thinking of having a Band play...but we also want a DJ... can we have both?

The answer is YES! i have DJ'ed many of weddings and events where i wasn't always the only one under pressure and in the spotlight.  Having a band is a great idea, and it adds a very rich and down to earth feeling to tailor your wedding or event.  The dynamic between going back and forth between Band and DJ sets is an amazing feeling!  I used to play drums in a band and am very musical so i absolutely love the idea, plus if you are having a band play you will without a doubt get a LOWER rate from me as this really splits the events duties in half.

I want to book a Photo Session with you, how does that work and what should i wear?

Great! this is a fantastic way to capture timeless photos of your loved ones and things that are closest to your heart.  

If we are doing a "family portrait session" then i will usually strongly encourage color coordination with outfits.  This really visually ties everyone together and helps to give the photograph a stronger composition. The family session can be as many people (or pets) as you want but keep in mind, only so many people can fit on a 9-10ft wide photography backdrop so plan accordingly.

If the session will be outside then the sky's the limit, literally! Most family sessions can will only take an hour at the longest.

For a "Kids N' Kritters" session i cant not emphasis how much cute clothing and styling can really help to transform a photograph into something magical! If you haven't already browsed my "portfolio" gallery page then i strongly encourage you to do so so to visual see what i am talking about, let's face it, a picture IS worth a thousand words so i will stop here.  Spend  little money and invest in some cute clothes for your pet or kid for this will be so glad you did!

For "kritters" this concept works to, dress em up! its cute, also its a good idea to bring or have some treats handy as it sometimes becomes one of the only ways to guide a pets attention toward what we need them to attend to, the camera lense!

For a "modeling or senior portrait" shoot it is important to bring a wide array of different clothes that help you look and feel your best, if you feel good, you will look good. A Hair and Makeup Artist (otherwise known as HMUA) is an excellent addition to any photo shoot but you will really notice how crucial one will become when you are doing a fashion shoot, i would definitely encourage adding one on to ensure you look your very best.  I have access to some really good ones so just say the word!

Modeling portfolio builders can last a lot longer than a regular session so its always a good idea to be mentally prepared.  A different array of clothing is essential for the success of the shoot.  I personally prefer to steer clear of denims and cottons as its something that you can wear any old day and this should be a special day!

For "actor headshots" these usually will take about an hour unless you want to do some really intensive looks with a HMUA but usually what an agency wants to see is you looking natural and relazed and even sometimes animated, but just don't lay on the cheese too much, leave that for the pizza lol.

I want to be a model..what do i have to do?

Well, this is a huge question which takes a good amount of time to fully understand.  It took me almost 10 years in this industry to gain the best perspective on it.  But a great place to start is a modeling agency, you will find links to the ones in the Chicago area here on the right hand side.  I have shot with models that we're on America's next top model and i have shot with aspiring models and i have also shot with girls that just want new photos for their Facebook profile.  They are all different and should all be approached with an open mind. Modeling is a tough business, i like to compare it mostly to the music industry, they go hand in hand.  Your model is the lead singer, your hair and make up artists are the guitar and bassist and your photographer is the drummer leading the structure of the little song you will sing in front of the camera leaving  the agency as the ever empowering record label.  

Most agencies just need a few snapshots of you and honestly they don't not need to be professionally done,  a nice" clean" meaning (not much makeup or makeup that doesn't look like your wearing makeup) head shot, a 3/4 shot and a full length are really all it takes, these industry professionals do this everyday, they are used to seeing and analyzing the human form and what will sell on an open market.  If your face cant sell a product, they probably don't need you.  So really be honest and real with yourself when approaching this industry, you either you got it, or you don't!

Do your research, most models that make it are at least 5'7 in height and a size 0-4 in dress size, size does matter, why? because clothes photograph the best on humans when they have long limbs, its undeniable visual proof.  Not to say there isn't room in the industry for a beautiful face, but i will not lie to you, you are gonna face a lot more challenges then if you we're born a taller egg.

Does the DJ Package include an MC too?

Yes it does! i  will be your MC for the night, there to help your evening flow and to make formal announcements and host speeches and requests as needed. I usually always will have a WIFI with me to cater to last minute requests although i do recommend that you submit all of your formal requests a week prior to your event to insure availability.